Crypto Tracing

The Impact of Crypto Scams

These scammers use internet protocols such as Tor and Tor exit nodes to mask the servers they’re coming from and to conceal the virtual currency being sent back and forth. Then they simply lie about where the funds are being sent, and the money is sent to the bank of one of these nodes. Then the banks makes a transfer to a real bank. After the bank processes the funds, it moves them to the account of the real recipient, and the money ends up in the person’s bank account.

How to Recover Your Stolen Funds

The first thing you have to do is to report the fraud, and request your funds from the bank you know it was stolen from.

The Importance of Recovery Companies

In order to recover your funds, you have to first determine where your money has gone. Even though recovering your funds can be a very complex process, there are certain fundamentals that you need to know in order to successfully go through the recovery process.

The first step towards recovering your funds is going to be figuring out which recovery company is best for you.

When choosing a recovery company, there are several different factors that you need to keep in mind. First of all, there are the price tag: the recovery companies will charge you and often negotiate their fees down in exchange for an in-depth investigation into the recovery process and the resources required to go through it.

How Do You Know If You’re a Victim?

If you’ve been targeted by a scam, you have probably fallen victim to several reasons:

You’ve been the victim of identity theft

You’ve been cheated for a product or service

You’ve been tricked into a scam based on a fake website, virus, or site

You’ve been stolen through phishing scams and the other deceitful threats

This may not be the first time you’ve been a victim of this crime, but that does not make you an innocent person. You may have little-to-no idea you’re a victim, thus it’s crucial that you seek the help of professional crime recovery organizations to understand how to proceed with the scam.

If you are being targeted, it is wise to get rid of personal information through strong passwords, block and report phishing emails, and be extra cautious with your personal finances.

What Happens if You Don’t Find Your Money?

According to statistics, 80% of financial fraud crimes are committed through the use of unsecured digital currency. What’s more, an Australian man is in a cell over his involvement in an illegal cryptocurrency transaction. In short, cryptocurrencies are a big money-making machine, but the end users of cryptocurrency are also the targets of these criminals. People who decide to invest in the cryptocurrency are leaving themselves vulnerable to theft and manipulation.

Fund recovery services are the main partners when it comes to recovering stolen funds. Many of these services have proven track records in preventing frauds and achieving the desired recovery time.

Fraudulent Websites and Their Effects

There are numerous websites out there that claim they will facilitate your online money laundering with high-risk transfers. These websites ask for one single payment, and then after the transaction is processed they steal all of your hard-earned money for a fee. You are not aware that your hard-earned money was stolen until you are notified of an overdue balance by the bank. The stolen money is not really gone, and it can be recovered by the FBI through a court order. The good thing is that you can then be reunited with your money.

It all depends on how the website is set up. If a site is set up with a scammer, it is certain that they will try to target as many users as possible to commit money laundering through it.

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